Frequently Asked Questions

What features does CodeTrack offer to users?

CodeTrack is a platform to help you organize your resources during the journey of becoming a professional coder. You can post your short term, medium, and long term goals, save useful links and courses, track your todo list, and more.

Is this platform geared towards learners of any particular computer programming language?

CodeTrack can be equally helpful for users of any computer programming language. Whether you're an aspiring front-end fanatic, back-end buff, dev ops dilettante - or just getting started and wanting to learn more about web development - fear not, CodeTrack was built for you.

Can you share a few coding resources for beginners?

Sure, here are a few resources that may be of use to you:

General - freeCodeCamp
HTML + CSS - Interneting is Hard (But it doesn't have to be)
JavaScript - Learn JavaScript
Python - Learn Python
C++, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, SQL, Swift, and other computer programming languages - SoloLearn

Can I use CodeTrack for free?

Yes, using CodeTrack as a learning resource is free for all users.

Can I update to a PRO account?

CodeTrack is currently in its initial stages, and thus PRO accounts are not currently available for the general public. If there's an additional feature you'd love to see, please contact us.

Do you plan to roll out a CodeTrack iOS or Android app in the future?

If you say pretty please, we may consider it. 😄

Who do I contact if I have feedback?

You can reach us via the contact form.

Is CodeTrack an open-source project? Can I contribute to building new features?

Yes, if you'd like to get involved, just reach out via the contact form and say hi! Also, tell us what you have in mind.

How do I delete my account?

Navigate to the home page. A user needs to be logged in to delete their account. A link should be available in the bottom corner of the page to access the 'remove' page with button that permanently removes all data associated with the account.